Client Services

At Glass House International Real Estate, we work with each client from a unique and fresh perspective because no two transactions are the same. Everything we do is based on your individual real estate goals. To us, You are number one! Glass House International Real Estate hires only agents who ascribe to the practices below.

Sometimes it is simple

  • We shut up and listen: We get our direction from you and we act on it.
  • Design a strategy: Based on your goals we attack the market to get them accomplished.
  • Get you connected: When it comes to real estate, we know everyone.
  • Keep you in the loop: Yes, we’re proactive and responsive.
  • Don’t waste your time: Tell us what level and method of communication you want and that’s exactly what we deliver.
  • Show you the ropes: We will teach you as much as you want to know – or not, it’s up to you.
  • Protect your bottom line: Best price, best terms, that can be negotiated. Period.
  • Carry the load: Although there is a lot of work in a real estate transaction, you’ll never know it.

At the end of the day we’ll make buying real estate look easy.