Planning a move to Arizona’s East Valley? You’re bound to have questions about what it’s like to live here.

The first thing that comes to mind, of course, is the weather…and the heat. Yes, it gets hot here. From about May – October, you can expect temperatures ranging from 90 – 110+ degrees Fahrenheit. While it can take some getting used to, you almost need to think of it as the Southwest’s equivalent to cold, Minnesota winters. You stay inside most of the time. But instead of bundling up to trudge through snow or go sledding, you don shorts and flip flops and sport a swimsuit for a refreshing dip in your backyard or neighborhood pool!

The main thing to remember when acclimating to the heat is to stay hydrated. You need to drink lots of water as well as beverages with electrolytes. Everyone carries water bottles in the summer. We also experience monsoon season in the late summer/early fall that brings with it some dust and rain. In the winter, however, we are the envy of the rest of the country as our moderate temperatures—and our continuous sunshine—cannot be beat!Arizona’s East Valley, and specifically the cities of Chandler, Gilbert, and Queen Creek, is experiencing an amazing growth trend. Many new communities with brand-new homes are attracting families to the area. Along with these new developments come a plethora of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment venues. There are also plenty of doctors, dentists, and specialists here. You will want to research medical professionals shortly after your arrival so you are prepared when any need arises.

Naturally, if you have children, you want to know about our schools. Many of our schools are among the top-rated in the state. With our growing population, many schools are large, but have incredible resources. And, with the growth come additional teachers to keep class sizes reasonable, so education is not compromised. If you prefer a smaller school, however, there are also charter schools and academies throughout our area to meet your needs.

If you’re into outdoor recreation, there are several opportunities in the East Valley for every adventurous outdoor enthusiast or sports fanatic. From hiking and biking the desert trails of San Tan Mountain, to golfing and playing tennis at any number of courses and courts that abound in our area, you are sure to find something to pique your interest. Just remember to wear lots of sunscreen and wear a hat.

With so many remarkable East Valley communities, it is understandable to have questions about which one is right for you. Because our area is so spread out, it is best to choose your new home based on where you think you’ll spend most of your time. Being close to work, schools, shopping, and other frequented locations will save you lots of time in your car. If you’d rather live on a larger property in a more rural environment, there are plenty of places out there for you, too. Whatever you decide, the East Valley is a great place to call home.

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